Last week JSPEED employees went to Huangshan, one of the most beautiful mountains in China, for a group building activity last weekend. We had a wonderful weekend together.

As the typhoon “fireworks” landed in China’s coastal areas and had a huge impact, although it was not as stormy as Shanghai, where JSPEED was located, Huangshan also received a certain degree of impact, and it rained cats and dogs. However, the heavy rain can not quench the enthusiasm of every employee of JSPEED. Everyone has broken through their own limits, bravely climbed to the peak, overcome the immediate difficulties and deep fears, unite and strive to move forward towards Huangshan.Some employees brought their children and the children had a great time.The activity ended successfully.

After this league building activity, all employees of JSPEED are more united and will bring a new look and atmosphere to JSPEED. At the same time, believing all employees of JSPEED will also bring more and better services to customers. Similarly, in daily work, there will be a stronger sense of team, starting from the whole and giving full play to everyone’s maximum ability, so as to boost the company JSPEED to glory step by step.


Post time: 07-30-2021