JSPEED participated in East China Fair activity

On November 26, 2021, JSPEED participated in a series of activities of East China Fair. East China Fair is the largest regional international economic and trade fair in China with the largest number of merchants, the widest range of contacts and the highest turnover. Since 1991, East China Fair has been successfully held for 30 sessions. The event was held to boost international economic and trade exchanges and promote global economic recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of the pandemic, the event was held online.

Nearly 100 domestic and foreign enterprises have conducted consultations and negotiations through online docking, greatly shortening the process of consultation, negotiation and trial order in international trade, and expanding the channels of international trade cooperation. Online exhibition customers are precisely matched and can communicate directly online, which greatly reduces the invalid time for enterprises to find potential cooperation opportunities and avoid missing good cooperation opportunities. During the exhibition, JSPEED employees prepared different types of clothing to meet the needs of different customers, including swimsuits, underwear, bras and garments like pants, dress, shirt and jacket.

This exhibition can not only develop potential cooperative customers, but also intuitively understand the foreign market and the domestic trend.

Although this event ended successfully, we are looking forward to more opportunities to meet customers online.

2021.12.2 JSPEED participated in East China Fair activity 1 - 副本 2021.12.2 JSPEED participated in East China Fair activity 2 - 副本

Post time: 12-03-2021