Wandering in the world of books together

On August 30, this Wednesday, JSPEED held a book sharing meeting, inviting employees to gather together to share their favorite books and exchange reading experiences.

At the reading sharing meeting, the presenters shared their feelings after reading from different levels and perspectives.


The presenters shared their reading experience and personal gains from world-renowned classic books such as “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “To Live” and “Three-character Scripture”.

They are either eloquent or passionate, bringing everyone to appreciate the charm of the book, conveying the power of reading and the joy of sharing.


The presenters on the stage spoke earnestly, the audience below the stage listened attentively, and applause sounded from time to time in the reading and sharing activities.

An employee who participated in the activity said: “I didn’t expect the book sharing meeting to be so exciting. The books recommended by everyone have their own characteristics.”


At the end of the reading sharing session, people who are interested in the recommended books can also exchange books with each other. Let books circulate among colleagues like knowledge flows through a crowd.


A good book can not only broaden one’s horizons and enrich the mind, but also continuously improve the realm and height of thought.

Take reading and learning as an attitude to life, a work responsibility, and a spiritual pursuit, constantly absorb nutrients from books, and meet a better self in the world of reading.



Post time: 09-02-2022