Atmospheric women choose clothes with the same standard – Halter vest

Entering the dog days, everyone turned into a consistent tone when they went out.

The halterneck vest is a super useful item in creating a sense of atmosphere. Due to different materials and styles, the effect of halterneck vests is very varied.


Elegant French Style

What French women have always pursued is to wear a touch of elegance and casualness in comfort.

The fresh floral pattern is matched with a retro halterneck style. These two fashion elements from different eras collide. Whether it’s simple jeans or white pants, it’s easy to wear with vintage French elegance.


American Street Style

The resurgence of Y2K not only brought the hot girl style but also the sweet and cool style. When interpreting halter items, internet celebrities will choose halter items with simple cuts and colors. Whether they are paired with skirts or trousers, they all look casual, relaxed, and at will.


Halter V Neck

For those who want a longer neck, please look for the V-neck halterneck vest. The unique low-neck design can lengthen the neck line, leave more space around the neck, and visually extend the length of the neck.

The thicker shoulder strap design is most suitable for people with thick shoulders, which can modify the shoulder line to a certain extent.


One Piece Thin Halterneck

The thin shoulder strap halter vest has thin shoulder straps as the highlight. Wearing it, the neck will look very slender. Don’t worry about the obvious trapezius muscles and the neck is not long enough. Wearing it will not expose the shortcomings.

The design of the thin shoulder straps can visually modify the shoulder line, and can create a slimming and right-angled shoulder effect through more white space.


I-shaped Halterneck

The I-shaped halter neck is low-key but not monotonous, and there is no clear gender and style distinction. Whether it is sports style, casual style or sweet style, it can be controlled. And its wide-brimmed design can cover more area of the shoulders and narrow the shoulders visually.

It is also very important how to match the I-shaped halterneck vest. For example, the combination of high-waisted jeans and a I-shaped halter vest can make the whole person look neat and fashionable, and the body proportion is very good.


Cross Halter

The design of the cross-collar halterneck is obvious in the details. It is mainly made of silk, satin and other fabrics with better texture. The retro and French senses are very prominent. With well-cut and retro bottoms, the style will be more unified. 

Post time: 07-22-2022