• By admin on 08-23-2023

    In the middle of the summer, JSPEED organized a colorful trip to Moganshan. On this trip, the employees stayed in a mountain villa, surrounded by forests. As we sat on the terrace with the breeze b... Read more »

  • By admin on 12-14-2022

    At the end of the year, the pace of life is very fast, but occasionally should relax.    1.Lunch activities  Last Saturday, JSPEED held a wonderful and meaningful team building activity, in which ... Read more »

  • By admin on 12-06-2022

    Overall outline of clothing matching According to the body characteristics of each person, build the overall contour with clothing. Common contours can be divided into several categories. (Note: T... Read more »

  • By admin on 11-18-2022

     1.Complementary color matching  The color directly opposite to any color in the 12 color color ring, such as purple and yellow green, red and blue green, yellow and blue purple, etc. In the actual... Read more »

  • By admin on 11-15-2022

    We aim to deepen the friendship between colleagues, improve the cohesion of the company, and release the pressure of life, the company has recently held a number of interesting activities to add a ... Read more »

  • By admin on 09-02-2022

    On August 30, this Wednesday, JSPEED held a book sharing meeting, inviting employees to gather together to share their favorite books and exchange reading experiences. At the reading sharing meetin... Read more »

  • By admin on 08-26-2022

    For the color of summer clothes, we have selected several colors, which are not only conspicuous, but also very age-reducing. Let’s take a look at the summer must-have colors!    Avocado Gree... Read more »

  • By admin on 08-19-2022

    The need for a holiday by the sea, the need for sunbathing and water bathing, is not much different from the Victorian era of the 18th century to today. It’s just that the ladies at that time... Read more »

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