Fashion style shaping

Overall outline of clothing matching

According to the body characteristics of each person, build the overall contour with clothing.

Common contours can be divided into several categories.

(Note: The outline here is the finishing outline of the clothes, not the outline of a single piece of clothing.)


 Type X 

Type X can modify the body proportion and highlight the waist line, which is basically applicable to all figures.

 Type H 

Type H is more suitable for tall and thin people. Very plump body does not fit this contour, and it will be very powerful on the whole.

 Type A 

(tighten and loosen)

Especially suitable for pear shaped figure.


 Type T 

(upper loose and lower tight)

This is the opposite of Type A, suitable for thin legs.

 Type S 

(the whole body fits the skin)

High requirements for body shape, mostly seen in dresses.


JSPEED also provides various styles of clothing accessories for you to choose according to your needs.Matching is not as easy as expected, but it is not without rules. Only by making good use of the accessories and objects around you, can you avoid hitting the wall in wearing. Clothing collocation is the most intuitive, personalized and unique presentation.



Post time: 12-06-2022