JSPEED Winter Team Building Activities

At the end of the year, the pace of life is very fast, but occasionally should relax.


 1.Lunch activities 

Last Saturday, JSPEED held a wonderful and meaningful team building activity, in which everyone relaxed and had an active atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed this wonderful time and spoke freely.

At noon, the team members gathered in Sheshan Restaurant. It’s really nice to get together.


 2.Simulation Survival 

At the end of the lunch, the team members were divided into blue and green teams for a simulation survival.

Everyone gathered to put on “guns” and helmets, and launched a fierce offensive.

In the game, everyone experienced real speed and passion, and also experienced a different military life.

When exercising, everyone should wear nice and comfortable sportswear. JSPEED has a variety of sportswear with rich styles and fabrics, such as yoga clothes, mountaineering clothes, sportswear and so on, which can be selected by everyone. The texture of sportswear is also very important. Wearing it perfectly outlines the body, making people feel happy all the time.


 3.Canoeing and Pedalo 

Canoeing is a water sport with great exercise value. It is a speed and endurance project. The bright colors of canoeing can make people feel happy when they move fast on the clear water.

The four people form a team of Pedalo, which are relaxing and comfortable. They enjoy the beautiful scenery on the lake and the pleasure of playing games.


 4.Camping BBQ 

After the excitement, everyone gathered together to talk, and the happy atmosphere was relaxed but not lax.

At sunset, the outdoor barbecue starts, with a tent, a long table and beautiful lights. Everyone enjoys the barbecue.

Life needs fireworks. With the final beautiful fireworks show, the team building activity ended successfully.

Post time: 12-14-2022