Clothing color matching method

 1.Complementary color matching 

The color directly opposite to any color in the 12 color color ring, such as purple and yellow green, red and blue green, yellow and blue purple, etc.

In the actual color matching, you can avoid choosing red and green with too high chromaticity. Or add black or white to ease the problem, it will look more comfortable. (Many good clothing collocation make full use of accessories such as belts to make the collocation of bright colors more harmonious)


 2.Same color matching 

The same color matching refers to the matching of two colors of the same type with different shades, such as blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, etc. The clothes with the same color matching appear soft and elegant.

The combination of dark and dark colors can create a dark and dark feeling. Bright and strong colors plus bright colors can create a vivid color impression.


 3.Contrast color matching 

Contrast color matching refers to two color matching between 120 and 180 degrees apart on the 24 color phase ring. For example, yellow and purple, red and turquoise have strong color matching.

The contrast tone color matching will have differences in brightness and purity due to horizontal or vertical color matching. For example, light and dark color matching is the contrast between light and light; the combination of bright colors and gray turbid colors will result in different color matching on purity.


 4.Approximate color matching 

Approximate color matching: matching of two similar colors. Such as blue green, orange red, blue purple, red matched with orange red or purple red, yellow matched with grass green or orange yellow, etc.

If you want to wear and match with beauty, you must understand the principles and methods of color matching, and in addition, you need to follow certain principles and techniques.


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Post time: 11-18-2022