Color guides direction: 22/23 fashion color release of knitted products

Popular colors reveal a diversity of bold and neutral tones, emphasizing colors from chaos to calm, blending current lifestyle trends: a nature-centered desire for health and a desire for pleasure and optimism.

Certain bright and bold tones also illustrate how we plan to embrace joy in difficult situations, invigorate life and celebrate the power of life.

The fall and Winter 2022 / 2023 New York palette and London palette include very bright colors and soft middle colors, allowing consumers to move smoothly between a range of contrasting colors, pursuing a contrasting desire for calm, tranquility and new energy.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular colors that shine during fashion week.


Lava Falls
#18-1552:The Lava Falls color is fascinating.

Spicy Mustard
#14-0952:Spicy mustard yellow is extremely exotic.

Orange Tiger
#16-1358:Herd tiger orange, a whimsical high-visibility orange.

Rose Violet
#17-2624:Rose Violet full of vitality.

Amazon Gree
#18-6024:A symbol of the lush and fertile wide-leaved green space.

#14-2806:A fragrant pollen color that surrounds the senses.

#14-4618:Cool and refreshing, and extremely comfortable.

Caramel Cafe
#18-1148:A delicious and tempting brown tone.

#19-4127:A hypnotic dark blue, reminiscent of the evening sky.

Cardamom Seed
#17-0529:A citrus herb with a pod of green.

Arctic Wolf
#12-0602:A soft shadow that touches the white color.

Ced Coffee
#15-1040:Flavor iced coffee brown is tempting in cream brown.

Peach Garamel
#16-1347:Peach Caramel Orange is a warm, delicious, sweet peach.

#19-4021:Blueberries are deep and deep in indigo.

Quiet Shade
#18-4006:The quiet shaded ash is an inconspicuous and solid gray tone.

Post time: 05-27-2022