Summer must be colorful – 4 universal colors

For the color of summer clothes, we have selected several colors, which are not only conspicuous, but also very age-reducing. Let’s take a look at the summer must-have colors!


 Avocado Green 

Avocado green, once awarded the most healing color. Fresh and comfortable, it is the first impression it gives. Avocado green is a color with a strong retro taste, but the effect of wearing it will not be dull. Since the hot summer can’t be stopped, why not add some coolness to the clothes.

Light avocado green has gentle and sweet properties. Against the backdrop of the flowers, the girl’s tender side is fully displayed. Sometimes, the green plants around you are the best background walls that can make you shoot a blockbuster.

If you don’t want to be surrounded by avocado green, you can also choose avocado green items, such as elegant and petite skirts, which can also help you create a perfect look.

Refreshing avocado green adds a touch of joy to your summer.


 Rose Red 

There are more or less red items in every girl’s wardrobe, not only because red is synonymous with elegance, but most importantly, it can also bring good luck!

If you want to look queenly, consider tucking your top into your pants. Red casual top is very photogenic. In order to shoot the natural lazy feeling of summer, you can try to look left and right, which can make the photos retro and advanced.

The photogenic effect of red clothes is really obvious, whether it is in natural flowers or in a small town. The bright red suspender-breasted long skirt, coupled with a straw hat full of holiday style, has the casual style of “Roman Holiday”.


 Sky Blue 

Moving the sky to the clothes, the light and clear clean texture is undoubtedly obvious. The fresh suspender skirt, although it is decorated with sky blue plaid, still can’t stop the coolness of girls.

The satin texture coat always makes people feel very advanced. On this basis, you can also add a black belt as an embellishment, and the effect of the whole look is immediately different!


 Lavender Purple 

Seeing purple always gives people a sense of stability and mystery. Even a simple T-shirt can help girls improve their attractiveness index.

Purple is inherently delicate and romantic. Even if you wear purple all over your body, it will not make people feel awkward.

The timeless classic denim style is also used in the purple series. Light purple jacket is full of youthful feeling.

The purple floral dress matches this summer. Especially the suspender floral skirt will be one of the “high-profile” items every year.

Purple, which is a cool color in color, has a sense of mystery, but when it is presented in front of the eyes as a whole look, it is still very warm.


The girls who got these kinds of summer must-have colors are all people who are full of youthful vitality this summer!

Post time: 08-26-2022