Foreign trade under the impact of COVID-19

In 2020, COVID-19 appeared in our sight, the epidemic broke out, and the war without gunpowder started. Now, one year later, the coronavirus epidemic is in remission, but it still exists. The new Novel Coronavirus variant Omicron, for example, is still a health hazard.

Under the policies of various countries, it is very difficult to go abroad to do business, and people have to find other forms to run their business.

In such a winter, the number of orders of JSPEED continues to rise. This is inseparable from the professional and efficient attitude of the company’s employees and the high quality and cost-effective products. Our underwear is breathable and comfortable, our swimsuits are molded and stretchy, our jackets are windproof and warm, and so on. JSPEED is good at tailoring styles and materials to different products.

In addition, JSPEED also has special methods to communicate and cooperate with overseas customers. Employees can not only communicate with customers through email and various B2B platforms, but also talk with customers in real time through video conference, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of communication.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic may continue for a long time, we wish that everyone will not give up hope and live with a positive attitude. In this way, victory in the fight against COVID-19 will surely emerge in the future.2021.12.3 Foreign trade under the impact of COVID-19 2 2021.12.3 Foreign trade under the impact of COVID-19 1

Post time: 12-03-2021