Iris purple – the purple of the purple of abandoning evil for good

In the past two years, there has been a wave of iris purple. A color that doesn’t look too strong, as non-aggressive as macarons, cute and lively. If we want to find out why iris purple has become a new favorite on the designer’s palette, we must start with the history of purple.

The reason purple became the color of royalty was that the methods of making them were so difficult that they were as rare as gems.

Originally, people needed to capture a rare snail in the ocean and process it to produce pure purple. Because of this, the Western royal families use purple as a symbol.

In the feudal dynasties, if anyone outside the royal family wore purple, it would be considered disrespectful and directly executed. This becomes purple’s tone of evil. Comic and animation artists are direct promoters of this royal color’s association with evil.

Snow White’s stepmother is dressed in a purple robe, and Ursula, the witch in The Little Mermaid, has purple skin, and even the biggest villain in the Marvel Universe, Thanos, has a purple image.

Because of their appearance, purple has become supernatural, irrational, harmful, and at the same time full of combative, genuinely rebellious colors.

If the saturation of purple is reduced, the aggression of iris purple will disappear, and the evil color will no longer exist.

But purple’s reverie about the royal family has been left behind, which has become one of the reasons why fashion brands use iris purple without hesitation.

The popularity of iris purple can also find the answer in the social reality in recent years.

First, the epidemic is raging, and people’s desire for peace under social isolation is growing. A series of low-saturation colors, including iris purple, also took advantage of this trend;

Second, street fashion brands headed by Yeezy and Fear of God have turned to low-saturation colors.

The third is that Tik Tok and millennials have the right to speak in the trend. They are not only believers and preachers of street fashion brands, but also have a natural admiration for such macaron colors. The Tik Tok generation who tie-dye their own T-shirts in the garage must buy purple among the cheap dyes they buy.

Whether evil or good, classic or trendy, iris purple is undeniably a lovely color if it goes back to its essence. It is inherently calming, and the intentions triggered by it are directed towards beauty and pleasure.

Wear iris purple in spring and summer, stretch your body and mind, and enjoy a moment of deep breathing comfortably in the seemingly endless era of social distancing.


Post time: 07-08-2022