Little Beauty In Winter-Winter Fun Activities

We aim to deepen the friendship between colleagues, improve the cohesion of the company, and release the pressure of life, the company has recently held a number of interesting activities to add a touch of style to the cold winter.


 1.Badminton fun activities 

Recently, JSPEED employees held a fun badminton activity. The employees involved put down all kinds of electronic products and enjoyed the fun of sports.

In the activity, the players all showed their tenacious competitive spirit and played a role of teamwork. The white shuttlecock flies in the air. It has a unique scenery!

The most important thing is that when playing play badminton, the range of motion is large, which requires that the clothing worn during badminton should not be too tight, otherwise it will restrict the extension of the limbs, thus affecting the accuracy of the movement. In terms of the material of the sportswear, try to choose the materials that absorb sweat and moisture. JSPEED also provides professional badminton shirts for everyone to choose.

Through this activity, the company built a sports and communication platform for employees, enriched their spare time life, improved their physical fitness, promoted their fitness activities, and more united the solidarity, friendship, warmth and harmony between employees and departments.


 2.Hand made micro landscape, phalaenopsis potted 

In order to strengthen employees’ awareness of green environmental protection, improve their practical ability, and make everyone love life, we carried out a micro landscape manual planting activity with the theme of “Butterfly Blossom”. This activity specially invited experienced horticultural teachers to carefully teach us the planting methods and maintenance knowledge of phalaenopsis.

At the beginning of the activity, the teacher gave lectures on “flower varieties”, “birthplace”, “how to maintain”, and “problems in flower cultivation”. Among them, “conservation” is a big problem, which includes “control of temperature, water, sunlight”, “fertilization”, “pest prevention and treatment” and so on, and everyone is very enthusiastic.

After the teacher finished, the teacher led us to transplant the phalaenopsis into the flower pot, bury the soil, and water it. The bright red phalaenopsis decorated the whole activity room with vitality!

Through this activity, we not only learned professional potted plant maintenance knowledge, but also gained the sense of happiness brought by floral.


 3.Theme creative table flower 

In order to improve the comprehensive quality of employees, enrich their quality of life and cultivate their artistic taste. Recently, the teaching of small table flower making has been carried out.

Before the beginning, the florist teacher gave us an exquisite pot, cutting tools and various kinds of flowers and materials.

Flower arrangement is an interesting craft. In the activity, the teacher not only taught the general knowledge and skills of flower arrangement, but also simply passed on some flower etiquette to everyone.

Later, everyone used their ingenuity to soak the flower mud with flexible hands, trim and place a variety of flower materials. At the end of the activity, each employee was presented with a well arranged and well arranged work of small business table flowers.

It is obvious that everyone gained a sense of achievement from art flower arrangement works, and also narrowed the distance between each other in the exchange and interaction of the activity. This activity improved everyone’s cultural and artistic accomplishment and happiness index.
Enjoy life.



Post time: 11-15-2022