Shanghai has been unblocked

From 0:00 on June 1st, Shanghai has been unblocked!
This is the most exciting good news in the past two months. The air in Shanghai seems to be filled with joy. In less than half an hour, the news quickly took over today’s social networks.
On this Children’s Day, which may be the most memorable in life, many people who have been stationary finally have the opportunity to come out, run on the familiar streets, take the subway to go shopping in various supermarkets, and drive to meet friends and relatives .

In the past three months, Shanghai has been closed for 55 days; in the past three months, many cities related to Shanghai have also been deeply involved in the epidemic; in the past three months, the center of China’s economy has fallen into a dead silence.

However, we have also seen that in the past three months, medical staff from all provinces rushed to Shanghai, and the food from all over the country arrived in Shanghai in time. The relevant departments of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai were also able to make timely corrections after major mistakes in epidemic prevention work and reduce personnel. flow, effectively reducing the risk of the spread of the epidemic.
Looking at it now, it is indeed a solid step by step. From staying home to now, everyone has worked hard.
Three months of home life has finally brought the lights of thousands of homes today, and the people’s well-being. Shanghai hit the reset button, and the city was up and running again. People can finally get out of their homes and experience the slow recovery of such an international metropolis. The resumption of work of enterprises is also gradual.

JSPEED also resumed work on Children’s Day, and each member received a red envelope to celebrate the unblocking of Shanghai. On the first day of work, many members dressed up to meet their colleagues. The members joked that they never felt that the life of taking the subway to work and having dinner was so cherished.

JSPEED will also continue to bring the most considerate service to customers with a new look.

Post time: 06-09-2022