Special winter wear in the Beijing Winter Olympics

19 days later, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held.
Uniforms are the exclusive identification of athletes, staff, technical officials and volunteers. A set of lightweight, warm, beautiful and comfortable uniforms is an important guarantee for a successful competition.
The first element is aesthetics and design.
According to the design requirements, the visual elements of the uniform design of the Winter Olympics are taken from the mountain and water landscapes of traditional Chinese landscape paintings and the core graphics of the Winter Olympics – the “mountainous terrain”.
The colors of the staff uniforms are composed of calm ink and vibrant red, showing the hard work and passion of the staff. The main color of the uniforms of technical officials is derived from Beijing’s “Great Wall Grey”, which shows objectivity and fairness. The “blue” in the volunteers’ uniforms is the color of traditional Chinese china with a gem-like luster. Blue makes the volunteers more energetic. “White” symbolizes the purity of the world covered by snow.
The second element is technology.
Athlete uniforms are made for athletes. Before designing, designers track the movements of athletes, study the skin stretching laws of athletes in detail, and then refine the structure of the competition uniforms.
Through scientific material selection and dressing, each uniform is windproof, water-repellent, breathable, and elastic, so that it can meet the special climatic conditions of the Winter Olympics.
Maybe because of the epidemic, it is impossible to watch the Winter Olympics in person. But you can wear a winter suit from JSPEED, made of warm knitted and woven fabrics. In addition, the fabric also are anti-pilling, anti-static, light and breathable, and highly elastic, making people more comfortable. From jackets to thermal underwear, it lets you simulate the feel of an athlete.

Post time: 01-15-2022