The choice of fashionable people, it turns out to be XXL

This year, the hot girls have all learned the same way of dressing-the upper body is sexy and the lower body is conservative, which has become the theme of this summer’s dressing.

Why do cargo pants make beauties hide their long legs that they have always been proud of in wide trouser legs?

A pair of pants saves you from buying a bag

The small-foot cargo pants, which have repeatedly appeared in street photography, were also popular for a while in the past few years, but they were quickly forgotten by the times.
The trendy styles this year must be straight or wide-leg styles, with wider legs instead of the widest.

The cargo pants continue the advantages of the wide-leg series of trousers – elongated leg lines, and have a more sense of design than ordinary suit wide-leg pants. The huge pockets on the cargo pants are simply a good news for women. After all, the pockets on the women’s jeans have been getting smaller and smaller than even a mobile phone.

Smaller pockets seem to lead women to spend more on clothing, stimulating consumption of handbags.

Cargo pants sew the bag on the trousers, giving us the option of freeing our hands. How can a cool girl who is “lightly loaded” not let people take a few more glances.


Cargo pants – the most suitable for casual wear

Cargo pants, while strong in style, are surprisingly easy to mix and match.

A sexy bodice can also add a little contrast to tough cargo pants. Under the strong contrast, the two styles blend with each other to form an indescribable beauty.

Exquisite underarm bags or Mini Bags can visually modify the proportions more than large bags, and the collision of styles is also reflected in the choice of accessories.

Another key to working with cargo pants is to choose items that expose skin on top. The upper body is sexy enough to attract the eye, while the lower body is restrained, making the overall collocation look more advanced because of balance.

Slim short sleeves are also a good choice. Although it is a “routine” to wear tight top and loose lower bottom, this trick is indeed a perfect match for cargo pants. Tight-fitting short-sleeved T-shirts are not as fat as you imagined. As long as you choose the right bottoms, they will show your body more than the popular loose tops.

Wear large cargo pants instead of small ones. You don’t have to accommodate the waistline, because the loose effect of the trouser legs is the key point. If the waistline is a bit large, you can reduce the waistline by turning waist over, which adds a little sense of waist design.

More and more fashion trends tell us the definition of sexy for girls today. Sexy can be a strong gesture full of desire, or it can be hidden in loose trousers. A girl’s trouser pocket can be small enough to hold a lipstick, or big enough to hold the world.

Post time: 07-15-2022