Timeless denim records trend changes

Changing trends, changing seasons, shifting mainstream consumer groups… It seems that nothing has ever affected the status of denim in the fashion industry. The resurgence of Y2K aesthetics and the rise of Gen Z consumers have also influenced a generation of loose silhouettes and a more personalized “realism” expression in the early millennium, which has become the creative source of designers for 2022 autumn and winter new products .

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection is Glenn Martens’ first physical show since becoming creative director of Diesel, who has combined his deconstructed designs with classic tailoring to create a collection of striking oversized coats and other statement pieces. Showcasing low-rise pants, miniskirts, leggings and asymmetrical cuts that were popular in the early millennium.

Glenn Martens believes that the nostalgic style displayed in this collection will be the perfect catalyst to attract Gen Z, while also marking Diesel’s return to the pinnacle of denim fashion.

Kim Jones created this collection by tracing the evolution of Fendi’s fashion, using the printed shirts Delfina Delettrez once borrowed from her mother’s wardrobe as inspiration, reinventing and matching two Karl Lagerfeld collections to outline the Diversified portraits of contemporary women.

Pieter Mulier continues the brand DNA that Azzedine Alaïa created for Alaïa, making extensive use of large Spanish skirts in this collection, and using perspective to show the sexy female image.

Dsquared2 expresses a desire to travel with lively bohemian elements and baggy denim. Bohemian travelers played by the models are on a spiritual journey to explore the unknown, they want to travel with peace and love, and they want the international community to live in harmony.

Jonny Johansson, principal of Acne Studios, put his thoughts on Upcycling on full display in this collection, creating visually appealing panelled denim maxi skirts and ultra-high-waisted paper bag skirts. In the interview, he expressed his observation of the younger generation’s love of craftsmanship and personalization, saying: “A lot of people want something personal, something that says ‘I’m real’.”

“I wanted to do something that was skinny, focused on the body, and had the spirit of Y2K,” says Isabel Marant when it comes to her fall/winter collection. And her creative thinking is also perfectly expressed by denim products – low-rise workwear white jeans, loose acid wash jeans, and matching cropped racing jackets, all reminiscent of MTV’s most brilliant period of years.

Although social and cultural contexts, fashion aesthetics and consumer generations are constantly evolving and changing, for each generation, there are several denim styles that are most impressive and once led the fashion in memory. It can also be said that the timeless denim style not only records the changes in fashion trends, but also connects consumers of different generations and preserves people’s common memory of the times.

Post time: 05-09-2022