Women who yearn for a good figure, it’s time to put on this skirt!

In the dog days, women wear short skirts and shorts to look cool. But for girls with imperfect bodies, these items are not friendly.

Every girl has the right to love beauty. If you want to be cool and stylish, you can give priority to slit skirts.


Why can girls with thick legs wear slit skirts?

First of all, the slit design on the side of the slit skirt can make girls’ legs look slender visually. At the same time, it can also effectively help you cover the fat on your legs.

In addition, the slit length of the slit skirt is higher, and it is very refreshing and cool.

And short girls can also tie the slit skirt higher to make the waistline higher in visual effect.


Finally, the slit skirt is also very practical.

You can match it with a shirt and a suit jacket for work, or pair it with sneakers for holidays. This is not only suitable for girls with thick legs, but also for lazy girls.


Different styles of slit skirts have completely different effects.


Breasted Series

One of the most popular slit skirts is the button-down style.

The retro button design is full of the nostalgic charm of the 1970s. At the same time, the tops matched with the buttoned slit skirt are also full of infinite matching possibilities, such as tights, shirts, suspenders, etc.

When girls choose a skirt with a buttoned slit, it is important to remember to raise the waistline.

The buttoned slit skirt is also very particular. It is not difficult to find that the buttons of the high waist slit skirt will not exceed 7.

Short girls can choose a skirt with a slit on one side, which effectively extends the visual effect to the details of your skirt instead of your “short legs”.

Many skirts appear as suits, and the button design is basically “one row to the end”.

There are three or two buttons on the upper body, extending to six or seven on the lower body. Not a one-piece dress, but it stretches the overall line more than a one-piece dress.


Floral Style

To say that the element that is most suitable for summer must be flowers. And the orderly arrangement of small flowers can make the slit skirt look compact and slim.

Under normal circumstances, the pattern on the floral skirt is mainly monochromatic. After all, if you add another color, the matching elements will be really invisible. .

Small flowers with high density seem to be chaotic, but in fact there are only two elements, background color and flowers.

At this time, you can consider a white top.

Whether it is a suspender or a wide-shouldered slim top, it is full of holiday style.


Large Area Printing

Although large-area prints are not as orderly as small florals, the exotic colors make them unattainable.

If you choose a red flower slit skirt, don’t go with green, just wear a black top.

Don’t forget, the old pair of “red and black” is a battle-hardened match.

In addition to paying attention to color matching and spacing control, large-area printing should also pay attention to the overall matching effect.

If you choose a classic dark color with large-area printing, don’t choose a dark color for the top, please keep in mind!


 Denim Style 

Denim items are one of the most popular items in summer, and denim slit skirts are the most eye-catching summer items.

It is not only suitable for girls of any age, but also presents a more casual and free side.

Denim slit skirts are often seen with white pieces.

I don’t know since when, “the more broken and the more advanced” has become a new fashion.

It may be that fashionistas think it is too conservative, so a large area of holes came into being. In this way, the denim slit skirt is also very fashionable.


Don’t hesitate to put on a slit skirt that suits you. You must know that going out in summer is a matter of time, sooner rather than later!

Post time: 08-05-2022